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Name: daddyswhorestacy
Birth date: 14 June, 1984
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Open
Country: United States
Favourite category: Wife Wants Black Cock
Education: College
Occupation: Sales
About me: I started sucking and fucking in grade school, and was soon introduced to sex with dogs. Since then I have found I LOVE all type of sex. I am bi sexual love big black cocks and cum and LOVE dogs knotting in me as they fill me with cum. There is nothing I will not do to please and pleasure a woman or a man. I am a total submissive thanks to my dad and my sister and mom. yes incest is a huge part of my life and certainly my sex life-and yes I am my daddy's whore and my name is Stacy
Interests: Horses my dogs and boating. I love laying in the sun nude and hope people see me and want me sexually
My favourite movies: Dogs and black men fucking white women
My favourite music: Almost everything it just depends on my mood
My favourite books: Daniel Steel
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