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Name: ZebraSnowBunni26
Birth date: 04 September, 1989
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Open
Orientation: Not sure
Country: United States
City: Dallas
Favourite category: Interracial Cuckold
Education: GED
Occupation: Self Employed
About me: Im a 27 y/o single ghetto snowbunni white girl who only dates Black dudes. All a whiteboi can ever do for me is suck my pussy and pay my bills! XD I do date a whiteboi sometimes just to play games wit him, and spend his money, lol telling him, "I love you too boo." And I tell him that if he sucks my pussy right, I might let him be my man, knowin damn well I ain't about to fuck no whiteboi, lol... Every whiteboi that ever tied to fuck me couldn't even keep me wet for 5 minutes, LMAO! They sooo fuckin small, and they don't be knowing how to put it down :( That's why I always had Black dudes on the side since I was like 15! And whitebois hod no chance, trust me! That's around the time when I was feedin whitebois creameries and telling them "I'm just excited and that's why my pussy is so slimy and gooey, that's my cum so just keep sucking whiteboi, and you better swallow my shit too bitch" LMAO...
Interests: Cuckolding young wannabe thug whitebois who act tough in public, but behind closed doors they my lil white bitch bois, and get their face bounced all up in my pussy on the regular, while paying my bills and buying me whatever the fuck i want!
My favourite music: Hip-Hop, R&b
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More pics of me

More pics of me
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Pics of me, some old, some new.

Whitebois I played

Whitebois I played
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Here is a few pics of me before fuckin a Black dude and going back ...

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ZebraSnowBunni26's Photos
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These are some of my photos. Some of them are old snd some new.